Public Presentations

World-Ecology Research Network, Conference Presentation, May 2019

Kalahari Dystopia’s and the Utopia of Becoming-Bushmen as Ecological Model - “We are all hunter-gatherers just under the skin,” filmmaker Craig Foster. For two-hundred-thousand-years, humans have hunted and gathered on Planet Earth, the loss of this existence in modern times has abstracted us from our environment and altered the human psyche in ways that we have yet to understand. The San Bushmen of southern Africa are arguably the last grouping of hunter-gatherers on earth, whose utopic lifestyle of old and dystopic existence of today is ethnographically, historically, and practically available to us, for both social and environmental study. This talk applies Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari’s theory of becoming and becoming-animal to the question of what it means to Become-Bushmen as an ecological model for the human race. What role does becoming take on in hunter-gatherer societies, and how can we reclaim becoming as an ecological model for human existence within epistemic space? (click below)

A.I & Agriculture a more than Human Approach, PCC Annual Presentations, November 2017
This is an summarized version of a talk, given by myself, that was delivered at a student and alumni symposium at the California Institute of Integral Studies in November 2017. Here I explore the potential of A.I. within the agricultural industry when developed from a bio-inspired approach. (click below)

Example Academic Paper Topics

  • Deleuze and the Reterritorialization of Process Thought on the Plane of Immanence
  • Becoming-Animal as Primal Theology in Primal Religions: The San Bushmen and Becoming-Animal in the Hunt
  • The Southern African San Peoples and the Practice of Reverie as a Lived Ecological Epistemology
  • Western Ontological Hierarchies of Soul: Deconstructing the Foundations of Speciesism and Racism in Eurocentric Thought
  • Hondo Yemiti: African Indigenized Faith Healing as a model for Christian Eco-Theology 
  • Yirah - a pathway to knowing the incomprehensible G-d
  • Must G-d be Incomprehensible?
  • Pilgrimage: An Ecological Model for Cultivating Relationship to Earth
  • Christ and the Two Natures of Adam: Comparative insights from Augustine’s Confessions and Julian of Norwich’s Showings
  • A.I. and Agriculture, a more than Human Approach  
  • The Commodification of Nature: An Imperial Precursor to Monoculture

Conference/Event Engagement

  • 2nd CIIS Religion and Ecology Summit, March 2017:
    • Moderator
  • 3rd CIIS Religion and Ecology Summit, March 2018:
    • Moderator
  • 1st CIIS Religion and Ecology Film Festival, March and September 2019:
    • Organizer
  • 5th World-Ecology Research Network Conference, May 2019:
    • Co-Organizer
  • 5th World-Ecology Research Network Conference, May 2019:
    • Presenter
  • Deep Water Initiative Film Series, 2019:
    • Coordinator
  • 4th Yale Graduate Conference on Religion and Ecology, February 2020:
    • Presenter
  • American Academy of Religion Western Meeting, March 2020:
    • Presenter
  • PCC Forum, January/March 2020:
    • Presenter
  • 4th CIIS Religion and Ecology Summit, March 2020
    • Presenter

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